Spanish Language Holidays For Families

Enjoy the Pyrenees with your children while learning a language!

We propose you an awesome Spanish course with entertaining activities to enjoy the Pyrenees with your familiy. Without a doubt, a lovely experience that your children will never forget!

The programme of the spanish course for families includes:


- 5 days with Spanish lessons.

- Accommodation for 6 nights in a private house.

- All the activities included in the programme.

Sample itinerary of the trip

SUNDAY: arrival day.


FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY: 5 days with Spanish lessons.


- 1 morning with Spanish lessons and a short excursion to visit a charming traditional village of the Pyrenees. From 9 to 13 h.


- 1 morning with Spanish lessons in Lacuniacha, a lovely natural park with animals kept in semi-free conditions.  This way, we will do the class accompanied by bears, deers, horses, bisons, etc. From 10 to 14 h. 


 - 1 morning with Spanish lessons. We will became shepherds for one day. From 9 to 13 h.


- 1 full day with Spanish lessons visiting one of the most beautiful valleys of the Pyrenees in board of a mountain train. From 9 to 15 h.


- 1 morning with Spanish lessons doing a  traditional Pyrenean activity. From 9 to 13 h.


SATURDAY: the end of the programme and going back home. 


Accommodation in a private house

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