Spanish learning and fun holidays in the Pyrenees

We organise trips for groups to the Pyrenees combining Spanish language learning and the enjoyment of the Pyrenees mountains and nature.

Learn Spanish while enjoying the amazing mountains of the Pyrenees?

Our trips are designed for Spanish students and offer an interesting activity and academic program. During their stay in the Pyrenees, the participants will get an enriching experience as they enjoy nature and improve their Spanish level. 



Our agency is set in the centre of the Pyrenees, in one of the highest and most amazing valleys in the entire Pyrenean mountain range and declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1982. 


Language & Rural Experience

Learn Spanish while you discover some of the most beautiful and emblematic traditional activities of the Pyrenees.

Language & Hiking

Fun, wild nature, language and mountains... Lots of mountains! Walk some of the most imposing mountains of the Pyrenees and enjoy learning Spanish in this stunning natural environment.

Language & Snow

Enjoy the snow and the sun in the Pyrenees. Have fun practising the Spanish language while you delight in the snowy Pyrenees mountains.

Language & Pyrenees For Schools

Would you like your students to learn Spanish in a fun way beyond the traditional classroom? 

Here is their opportunity to learn the language while exploring new places.

Tailor-made trips


Whatever you're interested in, we will offer you the best plan. 

Our experience in the tourism sector and the knowledge of the Pyrenees are the perfect combination to create the best trip for you.

Spanish holidays for families


Enjoy the Pyrenees with your children while learning a new language!

An awesome Spanish course with entertaining activities to enjoy the Pyrenees with your family.

Offer your children an enriching linguistic experience!